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April 2012

Engineering unit of ProPartners - SpectraSort – is renamed into EcoMechanics TM. The rebranding is due to further specialization of the company to manufacture waste collection and sorting equipment such as conveyors and garbage sorting workshops. EcoMechanics is part of EcoTechnologies TM - Russia biggest PET-bottles recycler located in Tver and which itself is owned and managed by ProPartners.

March 2012

ProPartners acquire major stake in Rzhev Machinebuilding Plant (200km NW from Moscow). 11 Hectares of land and over 20.000 sq.m. of warehouse and manufacturing workshops along with excessive natural gas and energy will be repaired to house new industrial project of the group of extension of existing business of recycling and distribution.

January 2012

With outstanding growth of ChemPartners Russia sales (61% vs 2010Y) total turnover of ProPartners group in 2011 exceeded USD120M. One of key developments is import from Korea which accounted for almost 30% in whole Russia chemical business for first time in ProPartners history. Overall number of customers is above 240 different scale organizations and products line accounts for more than 170. Another positive development was successful expansion of our trade credit limits which at the end of 2011 are provided by 6 banks (excluding 2 more factoring companies) and help us to satisfactory secure our trading operations worldwide.

September 2011

KHIMIYA-2011 - little anniversary for ChemPartners Russia to participate in this biennale major event in CIS chemical industry for 5th time.

August 2011

Relations with ICICI Eurasia Bank are recommenced after 2 difficult years of crisis. ChemPartners were one of first and key clients for ICICI when the Bank started its operations in Russia in 2004 but during turmoil of 2008-2009 ICICI had withheld their activities and could not provide necessary support to our businesses there.

February 2011

Absolut Bank (russia's subsidiary of Belgian KBC group) becomes another prime foreign bank to serve ProPartners businesses in Russia.

January 2011

We see 2010Y results as quite satisfactory taking into account after-crisis uncertainty and lack of liquidity both with banks and customers. ProPartners overall sales almost doubled and reached USD82M. Chemicals prices recovery and even rapid hikes around the globe distributed significantly to this growth besides new sales and normalization of demand with majority of our customers. Freeze of VolgaOrgChem construction helped our Russian head quarter to concentrate efforts and finances on other units which all performed in good way.

October 2010

Office in Austria is inaugurated in Wien to headquarter ProPartners GmbH – the new business unit of ProPartners to manage trade operations and banks relations in Europe.

June 2010

Due to recovery in export volumes and thus more staff China head quarter had moved to new and larger premises. The new office is located on 32nd floor in the same prestigious Beijing Soho center like old one.

June 2010

VolgaOrgChem shareholders (ProPartners and VTB Capital) had taken well-grounded but still difficult decision to suspend the project. "CAPEX growth from usd 24M up to 57M, rapid drop in MCAA and HCl consumption during and after crisis, hike in chlorine, electricity and natural gas prices and essential growth in interest rates push us to freeze construction of the plant for indefinite period", - Sergey Kozlov (VolgaOrgChem GD) was quoted as saying. As per Kozlov, the project managers were particularly discouraged by low quality and reliability of engineering and construction organizations on all the stages, unfairly high costs of everything, including services and materials, regular delays in works completing during first stages of construction and (although predicted) difficulties in getting any of local and federal approvals and permissions for construction as well as limits for natural gas. "Now it is clear that successful commissioning of our Tver recycling plant was good luck rather than logical result. We must admit that to develop any serious high-scale green field production project in Russia one should be a hero, billionaire and government close person", - ProPartners shareholder said.

May 2010

ChemPartners Russia started cooperation with UniCredit Bank which is currently Russia largest foreign capital bank. UCB will provide standard line of banking services including trade financing which is the Bank's strongest and competitive product for Russia corporate market.

January 2010

It is difficult to fairly evaluate 2009 Year results as for most of businesses worldwide key question was "To be or not to be". Taking that as comparison base we are satisfied by usd 42M sales and keeping all our qualified and devoted personnel with us. It is also worth mentioning that volume wise decline in sales was not that rapid as it was in terms of money due to dramatic price fall for majority of products. In Russia RUR devaluation helped us to even successfully develop some exports and improved performance of local recycling production (EcoTechnologiesTM). After all we are thankful to our staff and our partners for their loyalty and trust and look into the future with optimism, especially after healthier III and IV quarters.

September 2009

Moscow headquarter had moved to new, luxury office in spite of obvious hard times and numerous challenges brought by crisis. ProPartners shareholders are assured about successful rehabilitation of business and strive to use favorable conditions on Moscow office rent market to strike this deal for next 3 years at currently astonishingly low rates to secure costs and provide comfort for our staff and guests who were devoted to us during crisis period.

August 2009

Production of PET strap band is launched at EcoTechnologies in Tver. PET-flakes which are produced by Ecotechnologies from waste PET-bottles are key raw material for the band production which guarantees competitiveness cost wise. Besides that italian Technoplastic s.a. equipment provides excellent quality and optimal output of the new line. Commissioning of PET strap band line aims to chase advantages of local currency devaluation and replace imports of band which still remains. EcoTechnologies is Russia largest PET-bottles recycler and thus has sufficient feed stock base and cost advantages for band manufacturing.

July 2009

ChemPartners VOSTOK (Orient) to be span-off by QII-2009. The unit which had been specializing in solely Chinese chemistry is no longer useful and profit-making. The measure is within frame of the actions to optimize costs and business management within the group due to worsened economic conditions.

May 2009

Web-site of ChemPartners Russia is fully redesigned and packed with more information about the company and the products. ChemPartners is ProPartners group main revenue generator and fastest growing business unit with sales of usd 64M (as 2008Y) and some 55 people staff in three countries.

January 2009

Satisfaction with significant growth of sales in 2008 (17% vs 2007) is anyhow spoiled by feeling of uncertainty and some liquidity lack while we evaluate our results of last Year. While TransChlorTM and EcoTechnologiesTM had managed to secure contracts in full, the ChemPartners had already suffered significantly as shipments rapidly fall in QIV due to lack of orders and certainty from customers. Besides, numerous clients requested wider credit limits for the goods already delivered claiming low demand on their products and overall lack of liquidity. ProPartners shareholders, nevertheless, strongly believe in economic conditions improvements in near future and don't plan to sell, restructure or stop any business units although necessary cost saving measures are certainly being taken.

November 2008

Sai ChemPartners India Ltd web-site is developed and put on-line in first anniversary of Delhi office. ProPartners India started operations in autumn 2007 with chemicals sourcing for Russia sales and with promotion of Russian advanced filtration equipment for alcohol beverages.

July 2008

ProPartners shareholders decided to spin-off MetaPro and transfer its shares to its management. Although successful development of the unit there was some controversy between management regarding strategy of further company growth. So, to keep this promising business in good shape it will be from now on owned by its management and won't get any further investments from ProPartners. Still, for mutual benefits, MetaPro will keep distributing only products imported by ChemPartners and will get in return open credit terms to facilitate sales expansion. MetaPro is specialized distribution company with key competence in R&D, promotion and sales of fine chemicals for construction and renovation. The industry has been developing two-digits for last 7 years in Russia and consumes growing number of additives and chemicals for dry mixes and concretes.

June 2008

First filtration equipment unit for vodka purification is successfully installed by Sai ChemPartners India Ltd at one of the India largest distilleries. The equipment is manufactured under ProPartners order in Russia and utilizes some Russia true know-how which brings excellent filtration properties while alcohol purification.

April 2008

The deal of 49% shares of VolgaOrgChem (VOC) sell to VTB Asset Management is completed. Now that VOC got more than usd 4M equity in addition to usd 14M project financing already approved by major local bank there are no more show stoppers for prompt construction and commissioning of the plant. VolgaOrgChem is modern complex of chloroorganic facilities to manufacture starting 2011Y three products as follows: 14.000 mt of monochloroacetic acid (MCAA), 15.000 mt sodium hypochlorite and 22.000 mt of hydrogen chloride. The above chemicals are already successfully sold by ChemPartners Russia, particularly the MCAA where our market share exceeds 70%. Thus, the project is to replace import and obtain lower cost of these products using cheap chlorine and energy available in Russia.

March 2008

EcoTechnologies successfully launched additional equipment to obtain granulated PET from recycled PET-flakes. The Company is Russia most dynamically growing PET-recycler and production of PET granules will bring additional value and opportunity to reach some quality sensitive customers in bottling segment.

January 2008

As a key result of 2007Y we see significant growth of profitability of operations which was due to shift from commodities (polymers in particular) to added value products e.g. specialties for paint and construction, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The turnover, still, had increased for 3% and reached usd 57M thanks to organic growth of all the units including EcoTechnologies, ChemPartners, MetaPro and TransChlor.

November 2007

Sai ChemPartners India Pte Ltd becomes operative with ICICI Bank in India. The new company will concentrate on sourcing from India and South Asia and maintain production and marketing projects for ProPartners in this growing region.

October 2007

As a part of EcoTechnologies (recycling production unit managed by ProPartners) the new company EcoSort will produce and market state-of-the-art equipment for automatic waste sorting under E-Sort trade mark. The EcoSort targets rapidly growing market of garbage collection, sorting and processing in Russia and CIS. Rapid kick-off of the project is thanks to acquisition of small team of technologists and constructors.

August 2007

Office in Delhi is inaugurated. Its main targets are to support chemicals sourcing and provide marketing for new projects in pharm and nanotechnologies (industrial membrane filters).

June 2007

EcoTechnologies plant in Tver became biggest in Russia and CIS countries in terms of waste PET reprocessing volume - just 1,5 years since its launch. Its success proves capability of ProPartners as a management company and motivates us to reinforce development of our other innovative production projects which we have in pipeline.

February 2007

First clearly service-oriented business unit is launched in Russia. TransChlor Co provides international forwarding for liquid and / or hazardous chemicals in special containers. The Company has been investing actively into establishing its own containers fleet (CAPEX up to date reached $0,7M).

January 2007

Overall trading operations in 2006 exceeded $53 millions.

November 2006

New business unit managed by ProPartners MetaPro is introduced at the MixBuild international exhibition in Moscow and is extensively promoted at the DryMixes Conference. The MetaPro Co. is Russia first producer of high active metakaoline (additive to dry mixes and concretes) and will also market a line of products for construction industry which is booming in Russia nowadays. Currently metakaoline is imported from USA and India.

August 2006

Production site in Dzerzhinsk (30 km west of Nizhny Novgorod) is acquired with purpose of VolgaOrgChem. The VolgaOrgChem will produce a line of chlorine-organic chemicals starting from middle of 2009. The project CAPEX is $19M and it is import replacing project for some China and India origin products which are already successfully marketed by ChemPartners in Russia. ProPartners investments up to date reached $1,7 million.

April 2006

ChemPartners VOSTOK is launched as new business unit. The Company will market Chinese chemicals in Russia, CIS and some other markets.

January 2006

Trading turnover in 2005 reached $34M. The Company participated in four exhibitions through the Year and is not any more trading only but also producing Company.

November 2005

ProPartners first production site is launched in Tver (160 km north-west of Moscow). The EcoTechnology CAPEX is around $2,5M and the project shall prove that ProPartners are capable to manage production the same way as they manage international marketing.

January 2005

2004 year had resulted in $24 trading turnover which is over 100% growth vs year 2003

July 2005

ProPartners Investments is launched as in-house investment boutique. The Company shall examine business opportunities which are created by ChemPartners (ProPartners trading unit) international market experience and evaluate possibilities to integrate into production.

April 2004

ChemPartners HongKong Ltd is incorporated in HK to support growing international trading operations.

January 2004

$11M is overall sales volume in 2003. The figure is reached just within 2 years since the business start

September 2003

ChemPartners as main ProPartners business unit participates first time in its history in major international exhibition KHIMYA-2003 in Moscow.

December 2002

Turnover exceeded $3M in 2002 which was the first full year in our history.

September 2001

ProPartners opens its first office in Russia to concentrate on import-export operations