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ProPartners > Business principles

ProPartners mission is to be a comfortable and efficient partner to businesses worldwide in our areas of expertise through support, development and overall beneficial cooperation.

To accomplish its role the Company invest first of all into:

    • Our team whatever it is – top managers at headquarter or workers at our production sites
    • Long-term relations with our counterparts
    • Overall development diversified by products, geography and business lines
    • Reputation by means of reliability and quality of cooperation.

Being international team of success-oriented managers ProPartners keep the following principles in our activities:

    • Honesty, transparency, civilized approach
    • Long-term and systematic business relations
    • Mutual interest and win-win solutions
    • Reliability and predictability
    • Independence of political and religious issues and affiliations.

ProPartners choose those industries which are considered:

    • To have bright middle- and long-term prospective and innovation potential
    • Not being of interest for state and major oligarch organizations and so are free-competition markets
    • To lay within our expertise and strategy.