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Efficient partnership through cooperation, support and development is our strategic role. ProPartners are opened, proactive, positive to new business opportunities with structures as follows:

  1. For trading – of you have well-developed local warehousing / retail network or you are producer and want to go overseas including markets where we are strong;
  2. If you are idea owner and seek for efficient project management and financing – we will examine your assumptions through our professional trade and marketing network and will honestly evaluate your know-how;
  3. You are investor or strategic niche player – ProPartners will offer you best of our projects in the area based on our own real experience through trading, production or extensive market studies;
  4. For personalities with high managing potential there are always a number of opportunities how to enter ProPartners team;
  5. Your small growing team or business can propel if we combine your potential and market knowledge with our project management force and the Group resources and data base.

Those are only a few examples how we see possible partnership. We do want to specialize in our designated areas of business but still it is a world of opportunities which we are willing, capable and keen to use.